Press Capabilities

Press Capabilities

  •   Web Offset
  •   Sheetfed Offset
  •   Narrow Web Label Production
  •   UV and Lenticular Print
  •   Variable Data Printing
  •   Screen Printing
  •   Multiple Numbering
  •   Hot Foil & Cold Foil Application

Web Offset

Heidelberg Harris M600 B-24

  • 9 units heatset; Imprinter, double reel, 63,0 cm c/o;
  • 32 pp A4; 64 pp A5; 4, 8, 16 pp tabloid and delta folding.


Komori System 38

  • 5 units heatset; In-line VITS sheeter and powerfolder.
  • 62,5 cm c/o; 16 pp A4; 32 pp A5; 4, 8 pp tabloid and delta folding.
  • Capacity; 330.000.000 sqm/year


Sheetfed Offset

The first printing method that comes to mind in our country is "Offset Printing". Many businesses have created their trade name inspired by this printing system.

Unlike the "Typography", which was found in 1440 by Johannes Gutenberg and called "Black Art", offset is a technique in which the printing surface is flat (unembossed).

Originally discovered by a German playwright and actor, Alois Senefelder in 1796. Although it was named as "stone print" or "chemical printing", the French name "Lithography" was more widely accepted.


  • Heidelberg CD 102-5 (5 color, 70 x 100 cm, UV and IR curable, can print up to 1 mm stock, incl. rigid PVC)
  • Heidelberg SM 102-5 (5 color, 70 x 100 cm, IR curable, can print up to 0,6 stock)
  • Heidelberg SM 74-4 (4 color, 50 x 70 cm, UV and IR curable, can print up to 0,6 stock)
  • Heidelberg SORMZ (2 color, 50 x 70 cm)
  • Heidelberg SORS (Single color, 70 x 100 cm)
  • Heidelberg GTO 52-2N (with numbering attachment, 35 x 50 cm)
  • Capacity; 190.000.000 sqm/year


Narrow Web Label Production

More than just production, we aim to enrich the labels with many additional values. These additional values can be found easily under the “Special Productions” menu..

  • 2x Gallus 8 color (Hot & cold foil and screen printing)
  • 3x KoPack 6 color (Hot & cold foil)
  • 2x Orthotec 5 color (Semi rotary, sheeter equipped)
  • Mark Andy 8 color flexo (Water based ink usage)
  • Nilpeter 10 color (Offset, flexo, screen printing and gravure printing)
  • Capacity; 80.000.000 sqm/year


UV and Lenticular Print

Materials those don’t have paper like absorbent surfaces, can be printed on machines with UV curing technology. Lenticular printing that allows to see depth and movement on design, using correct material, is produced on sheetfed offset machine with UV curing system.

Sedele has proven its experience and know-how not only in pre-press software phase, which is the most important stage of printing on Lenticular material, but also in the printing process.

Piggyback Etiket

Variable Data / Barcode Printing

Variable data, alphanumeric codes, barcode and unique numbering applications using HP-based, UV and conventional inkjet printing equipment, both in rell to reel and sheet products; in accordance with information security standards.

Piggyback Etiket

Screen Printing

Despite being one of the recent printing techniques invented, silk screen printing is used very commonly and allows the printing application on almost any surface.

The most common usage today is; solid background, Braille alphabet and various special effect applications.

As Sedele Matbaacılık, we are able to carry out screen printing applications both in reel to reel rotary screen and B1 (70x100) size as sheetfed. Since UV curing system is integrated on both applications, there is no material restriction to be printed.


Multiple Numbering

In addition to digital data printing, conventional numbering application can be realized up to B1 (70x100) size in our factory. As the mechanical system causes the increase of the numbers, any possible errors due to the electronic media, can be defeated.


Hot Foil Stamping

Foils of various colors and designs are applied on material by heated embossing plates. Usually requested in small areas, to differentiate the product;

Sedele steps forward once again by applying hot foil up to B1 (70x100) size.